Just the Tip: Multi-Cuts

Multi-Cuts The concept behind “multi-cuts”, for our purposes, is basically cutting more than one piece of wood at the same time. Stacking up wood and making sure all the lengths, or widths are the same. This helps a lot if you’re making things like frames, box sides, legs or whatever else you can imagine where […]


Just the Tip: Cheap Tools

Whether you’re just starting out or an old pro, the one thing we want is more tools. Sure once you’ve gotten your main set everything else becomes “wants” or “dream” tools but there’s always that moment of what to get or how to get. Now buying brand new is always the fancy, but sometimes a […]


Do a little Jig

That’s right everyone, get up and do a little jig! Well don’t really mean it, sit back down – at least don’t dance. What I’m talking about is jigs and templates, more specifically jigs and templates for my router and router table. Recently I’ve been adding a lot of flair and accents to my woodworking […]


Just the Tip: Blue Tape

This post is going to be more like “advice” than an actual tip, though if there is to be a tip had, it’s simply this: Get it!


Geek is in the Grain

Recently, during some downtime, I was going through the missed “episodes” of a web-comic I’ve been following off and on for almost 10 years


Brand-New Slightly Used

That’s right everything here is brand-new slightly used! Over the next little while I’ll be updating the website with new content as well as some classic gems from websites past.


Just the Tip: Spider-Pile

Admittedly this “tip” isn’t “woodworking” related per sae or at least directly like past tips, but it’s a tip worth keeping in mind as weather changes (strangely considering it’s March and been above 20 degrees celsius).


Previous Episodes

If you’re interested in the previous episodes of Pete’s Got Wood! – back in the days of college production – check out the 3 episodes below.

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