Just the Tip: Multi-Cuts



The concept behind “multi-cuts”, for our purposes, is basically cutting more than one piece of wood at the same time. Stacking up wood and making sure all the lengths, or widths are the same. This helps a lot if you’re making things like frames, box sides, legs or whatever else you can imagine where you’d need two or moe pieces the same sizes.

Now mostly I use this technique for when I’m cutting lengths more than widths, simply because widths is a far harder beast to tame at times, though the approach is the same. To achieve a multiple dimensioned cut, the steps are very simple, just requires one extra “tool” that your shop should never be without and you’re laughing.

Blue Tape

That’s right, good old painter’s tape. Though to be more specific, the blue colour of painter’s tape. I find the “tact” or “stickiness” of the blue tape to be better than the standard green type. It holds better, stronger and still just as easy to remove without leaving that sticky residue that you would find with other tapes such as duct tape or masking tape. This tape has 101 uses in the shop, not just binding wood together, but also works well for labelling, bundling items, sticking things to the wall and of course providing “clamping pressure” to small glue holds. The possibilities for this tape is endless, or at least, until you reach the end of the roll.

What to Do

Basically what you want to do is line up one end of the two pieces you wish to cut, tape them together and then cut your “mis-matched” ends to length. Not too difficult, but it definitely helps in the long run when you need two pieces of the same length. The old saying “Measure Twice, Cut Once” is always a good rule to follow and never put the idea down. But sometimes it’s just easier to cut pieces in bulk. Now of course there’s a chance that pieces could “slip” or the saw doesn’t quite cut them perfectly straight, which does suck big time, but if you keep the pieces small, this shouldn’t happen often. The biggest worry for this would be if you were to cut 3 or more taped together. I generally use this tip for 2 pieces and if I need several I just bundle them into pairs and then use the “measure/cut” rule.

This technique should help out when you need to cut two or more pieces to the same length, or even wide, as I said before, there’s no difference, just make sure you tape in the proper areas as to not cut the tape and allow your boards to slip and slide around. If you have any tips of your owns, or a better way to do this tip, why not leave a comment below and share the knowledge with all of us. Together we can be better.

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